Optional configuration can be saved in $FDEUNLOCK_CONFIG_DIR/config.cfg or in a *.cfg file below $FDEUNLOCK_CONFIG_DIR/config.d.

The format is INI as handled by the configparser module. Refer to the module’s documentation for details.

Each host has it’s own section. Supported options inside sections:

Specifies which address family to use when connecting. Refer to the ssh_config(5) manpage for details. Falls back to your ssh configuration.

Command which is executed to start the remote host in case it is found offline.

The command can make use of the following tokens, which are expanded at runtime:

  • %(originalhost)s, hostname as it was specified on the command-line.
  • %(host)s, target hostname, after any substitution by ssh.
  • %(ssh_port)s, SSH port.
  • %(hostname)s, hostname without domain.
  • %(domain)s, domain of the host.
Boolean determining if config_start_command is to be executed in the comforting environment of a shell – or not. Defaults to False.

List of host checkers to exclude from running.

Multiple host checkers can be given, separated by newline. Example:

exclude_checkers =
Communication with remote systems is assumed to be UTF-8 encoded. How should UTF-8 decoding errors be handled? Set to replace to convert unknown bytes into the Unicode replacement character. Defaults to strict which will cause a UnicodeDecodeError to be thrown terminating execution immediately.

Host checkers might support additional configuration options. Refer to the Host checkers section for details.